Frequently Asked Questions

Will the development continue?

I use Genuine for my own private projects and I'm therefore going to improve it. I don't have enough time for improving it quickly, however.

What license is used?

Genuine is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Basically that means you are allowed to do whatever you feel like with the code as long as you apply the same license for all your changes and enhancements.

There is no warranty that the code does anything useful. You may therefore freely use it in both non-commerical and commercial applications and you don't need to open up your source code. Improvements made to Genuine should however be returned to the project for the benefit of everyone.

Where do I find documentation?

There is only little documentation available yet. Have a look at the current state of the User Guide. You may have a look at the JavaDoc API that is well-documented, and at the source code of the example application.

Where do I get the source code?

The project is hosted by SourceForge. In the File area of the project page, you will find two archives: one contains the framework, the other one contains the example application.

Download both Genuine and Genuine-Example and unzip both archives into a directory of your own choice. New sub directories named Genuine-1.1.0 and Genuine-Example-1.1.0 will be created.

There are project files for Eclipse. If you import both the framework and the example application into your workspace, everything is well-prepared. You will even find a Launch Configuration to start the example application.

How do I start the example application without Eclipse?

To start the example application, you need a decent version of Ant installed. Go into the Genuine-Example-1.1.0 directory and start the application by executing ant run

What does 'Genuine' mean?

Like many other project names, "Genuine" is an acronym. It either stands for "GENeric User INterfacE" or, recursively, for "GENuine User INterfacE". Make your own choice...

How do I contact the author?

Send me an email ( or have a look at my homepage: (mostly in German).