Welcome to Genuine - A Client Framework for Java Swing Applications


Genuine is a client framework for Java Swing applications for which it provides basic infrastructure. It is intended to support the development of client applications for typical information systems.

The main concepts of Genuine are:

  • Decoupling: The functionality of a client application is split into modules. Modules can be implemented independently from each other to a large extent.
  • Separation of presentation and functionality: A module may contain an arbitrary number of graphical panels for presentation and local services for functionality.
  • Configuration: XML configuration files define the modules that have to be initialized at runtime to start an application.

Current status

Genuine is based on experience in developing client frameworks for commercial information systems. It had been created to provide extensive examples for an article published by the German magazine JavaSPEKTRUM. This two-part (German) article is available online.

Since the publication of the article, Genuine has grown so that it should already be good enough to be used as basis for commercial projects. It is not a complete client framework, though. Everybody who plans to use it in other open source or in commercial projects is invited to contribute. The user guide in particular needs help!

Example application

There is an example application that demonstrates most of the features of the framework. Studying the example will help to understand the concepts. Here is a screen shot of how the example application looks like:

If you are interested in details of the XML based configuration file of the example application, you may have a look at the XML file. You might also examine the documented Document Type Definition to find out the features of the configuration files.