Genuine is a client framework for Java Swing applications for which it provides basic infrastructure.


net.sf.genuine The Organizer class is Genuine's central mechanism to start a client application.
net.sf.genuine.actions Genuine provides Action classes for functionality that is common to many client applications.
net.sf.genuine.exceptions Genuine internally uses two exception classes for all its exceptions: GenuineException for checked exceptions and GenuineRuntimeException for unchecked exceptions.
net.sf.genuine.logging Logging is done using the JDK's own logging facilities.
net.sf.genuine.organizer This package contains all classes and interfaces a client application needs to use Genuine.
net.sf.genuine.organizer.internal Internal interfaces and the organizer's default implementation.
net.sf.genuine.preferences Contains the infrastructure for storing preferences, including a preferences dialog.
net.sf.genuine.preferences.general Contains general preferences pages that may be used by any application.
net.sf.genuine.resources Resources like texts, images, tooltips, etc., are first-level artefacts. Genuine defines default services that are common to many client applications each of which comes with default actions defined in the net.sf.genuine.actions package.
net.sf.genuine.swing Some of Swing's classes had to be enhanced to fit into the framework. This package contains helper classes and tools that don't fit anywhere else.


Genuine is a client framework for Java Swing applications for which it provides basic infrastructure. It is intended to support the development of client applications for typical information systems. These systems normally consist of many forms and dialogs for editing business data. They may or may not contain local business logic.

Genuine's main concepts are:

Because it is possible to prevent dependencies between modules of the same type (for example forms for editing business data), modules can be easily added to multiple client applications without changing their source code.

Like many other project names, "Genuine" is an acronym. It either stands for "GENeric User INterfacE" or, recursively, for "GENuine User INterfacE". Make your own choice...