Package net.sf.genuine.organizer

This package contains all classes and interfaces a client application needs to use Genuine.


Interface Summary
Channel A channel is part of the framework's messaging system.
ComponentListener Callback listener for modules to be notified when a component is shown/hidden, activated/deactivated.
ComponentManager The component manager is responsible for all graphical components that can be shown, for example, in internal frames.
HelperService The helper service provides various services to modules that are not implemented anywhere else.
MessageBus The message bus is Genuine's main means for communication between modules.
MessageListener Every object that would like to receive messages sent to a channel has to implement this interface and register at the channel.
Module A module defines a self-contained part of a client application that runs inside the Organizer.
ModuleManager The module manager both creates, initializes, and destroys module instances and it provides access to all Organizer services to the modules.
Service Services are used by modules to provide functionality to other modules without binding them to the module's class.
ServiceBroker The service broker provides access to all services created by the modules.
VisualComponent This interface must be implemented by all graphical components so that they can be managed by Genuine.

Class Summary
AbstractComponent This class may be used as super class for all visual components.
AbstractModule This class is a default implementation of the Module interface that does nothing by itself but provides convenience methods.
ComponentAdapter Default implementation of ComponentListener that does nothing.
Message A message is part of the framework's messaging system and are intended to be sent to message channels.

Exception Summary
MessageVetoException This exception is thrown if a message listener files a veto against a message.

Package net.sf.genuine.organizer Description

This package contains all classes and interfaces a client application needs to use Genuine. There are both interfaces that need to be implemented by the client application and interfaces, implemented by Genuine, that provide services for the client applications.

The most important interfaces are: Module - the interface that is implemented by each module, and ModuleManager - the interface that makes the framework's functionality available to modules.