Class DefaultExitService

  extended bynet.sf.genuine.organizer.internal.DefaultExitService
All Implemented Interfaces:
ExitService, Service

public class DefaultExitService
extends java.lang.Object
implements ExitService

The default exit service just calls System.exit to close the application. It is used if the application does not provide an exit handler of its own.

Tim Wellhausen

Constructor Summary
DefaultExitService(HelperService helperService)
Method Summary
 void exitApplication()
          When this method is called, the application will terminate.
 boolean isActive()
          This service is always active.
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultExitService(HelperService helperService)
Method Detail


public boolean isActive()
This service is always active.

Specified by:
isActive in interface Service


public void exitApplication()
Description copied from interface: ExitService
When this method is called, the application will terminate.

Specified by:
exitApplication in interface ExitService