Interface Service

All Known Subinterfaces:
ClipboardService, DocumentService, ExitService, PreferencesService
All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultExitService, DefaultPreferencesService

public interface Service

Services are used by modules to provide functionality to other modules without binding them to the module's class. Each module may register multiple service objects from any type at the module manager. Other modules may look up service instances by calling the service broker's getService methods.

Services are expected to be either active or not active. The module manager only returns those services that are active. Each service has to keep its own activation state.

Tim Wellhausen
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Method Summary
 boolean isActive()
          Returns true if this service is currently active.

Method Detail


public boolean isActive()
Returns true if this service is currently active. Only active services can be retrieved from the module manager by calling the module manager's getActiveServices method.

It is the service's responsibility to hold it activation state up to date. If, for example, the service should only be active when the module's frame is selected, this has to be checked inside this method.