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public interface ClipboardService
extends Service

Defines the functionality of a clipboard service that is called by the clipboard actions. A module that would like to provide clipboard functionality has to register an object of a class that implements this interface at the service broker. Whenever a clipboard action is performed by the user, that service object will be called if it is active. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the object to active only if it is appropriate to perform a clipboard action.

For example, a text document should accept a copy action only if the text document's frame is selected by the user. Therefore, the clipboard service has to track the frame's selection state and return that it is active only if the frame is selected.

Tim Wellhausen
See Also:
CutAction, CopyAction, PasteAction

Method Summary
 void copy()
          A 'copy' operation should be performed.
 void cut()
          A 'cut' operation should be performed.
 void paste()
          A 'paste' operation should be performed.
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Method Detail


public void cut()
A 'cut' operation should be performed.


public void copy()
A 'copy' operation should be performed.


public void paste()
A 'paste' operation should be performed.